(Please note: We are reading the novel itself; we are not reading the 2020 graphic novel, with the same title.)

It took the author over two decades to finish his anti-war novel, inspired by his being an American POW imprisoned in a Dresden slaughterhouse during the Allies’ 1945 aerial bombardment. The work combines elements of autobiography, historical fiction, satire, science fiction, and war service record. It’s both 1 of 10 books named in the very first Supreme Court case about public school libraries banning books (1982) and ranked at 18 in the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels in English (1998). It wasn’t just banned: after the school board in Drake North Dakota had the school custodian burn all 32 classroom copies in the school’s own furnace in 1973, there was a national outcry. Please read the book so you can participate in our structured, facilitated, Zoom discussion. (Note: Please join the meeting at 3 pm if you would like some assistance using the features of Zoom. Otherwise, join us at 3:15 pm for the start of our discussion.)